Postini Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Postini Login:

How to access your Postini Login page:

1. Using your Web browser, type in this direct URL:

2. You will be redirected to the log in area. Enter your log in address and your password in the corresponding boxes.

3. After you have entered the information, click on the 'Log in' icon. Follow the next instructions to complete your login process.



Steps to reset your Postini Login password:

1. In order to you reset your password, you will need to get in touch directly with your ISP email account provider. You can try to look for the activation email, or check the error message that appears onscreen to get instructions.


How to get in touch with Postini Support:

Phone Support

U.S. Toll Free Number - 1-877-355-5787
International Toll Free Number - 1-404-978-9282

Help Center

Help Forums!forum/postini

As you already know, the transition process ongoing from Postini to Google Apps will continue throughout the year, so we expect more changes in the login procedure as well as other facets of the service for Postini users. Remember to bookmark this page so you can refer to our help resources any time you need assistance with your Postini Login. Also, we are constantly monitoring the Postini web site to see if there are any updates or changes to the login process, so make sure you are checking back from time to time.